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A Beer Guide for the Social Networker

Blogger teaches readers to talk to strangers

HOUSTON — August 22, 2009 — Sometimes you just want a beer. Maybe you’re not in the mood for the house wine or the cola in the mixed drink that you normally order, but you feel rushed to make a decision by the long line of people behind you whenever you’re in a bar. They all seem to know what they want and asking the busy bartender for a suggestion is as embarrassing (and unreliable) as asking for directions in a gas station. So, you order a big-name-light beer because it’s quick and you recognize the label. Better to go with the name you know then to get something you don’t like, right? The problem is you don’t really like the beer you just ordered either.

Hoppy Hoppy Joy Joy is a beer blog that teaches people who don’t normally drink beer how to survive in a pub their friends or co-workers frequent. Readers learn just enough to make small talk about the brewing process, proper pouring, and tasting of various styles of beer. For the light beer drinker, MS Tiffany teaches you how to prepare your palette for the taste of darker lagers and ales as well as how to know what color a draught beer will be by its name alone. For those who don’t stray too far outside their comfort zone, you’ll enjoy learning how to confidently walk into any pub and order a brew that you know you’ll enjoy.

Business travel

What MS Tiffany noticed in her business travels was that knowing something about beer made it easier to start up a conversation with a stranger sitting at a restaurant bar. It made eating out alone while away from home a bit less intimidating and it enabled her to make a number of business connections with people who shared a common interest; a good feat for a woman who doesn’t know a lot about sports.

“If you’re traveling, beer is always a safe conversation to have with the locals or your fellow business travelers,” says MS Tiffany, “Ask them what they’re having and then introduce yourself and tell them where you’re from.” Raising your glass and saying, “Cheers,” is a great way to make a new friend, and for those who hate to travel, searching for a local brewpub and seeing a bit of the city is better than sitting in your hotel room alone and ordering room service. “This blog is a survival guide for people who never know what to say to a stranger in a social situation.”

Give Yeast a Chance

You don’t care to read about how grain is germinated or how long monks have been brewing beer, but you might find it interesting that the water in Hoegaarden, Germany, is similar to the water in Austin and that’s why Peter Celis started brewing his beer in Texas when he came over to the US. It’s this kind of trivia that fits nicely between the beer aficionados brewing their own beer and the frat boys playing beer pong.

MS Tiffany hopes to reach an audience of people who don’t drink beer and encourage them to take small steps like changing what you drink where you eat. When you go to an Italian restaurant, instead of a bottle of red wine, start out with an Italian beer like Peroni, and at a Japanese restaurant, ask for an Asahi or a Sapparo instead. You’ll soon learn that most countries export a light-colored lager that is cold, crisp, and refreshing, which is a perfect way to start out the night even if you do decide to follow it up with a bottle of red wine. Her goal is simply to encourage people to try a new beer, and it seems to be working. One reader says, “Your posts make me so thirsty.” Find new ways to quench your thirst at to read the blog.



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