Book Review: Love At The Pub

I kept looking for the beer snob in Love at the Pub: An Insider’s Guide to Craftsmanship, Conversation, and Community at the Brick Store Pub and never found it. I was sure it was there when I read that The Brick Store Pub decided Warsteiner was too mainstream, but the replacement beer they chose to introduce the mass marketed beer crowd to craft brew, Victory Prima Pils, and the story of how one blue collar worker worked his way up from that launching point in just six months was inspiring. Accessible to a new connoisseur, I’ll bet even a seasoned veteran of Belgian Ales and craft brews will learn something new. Every few pages, there is a definition of a different style of beer or a famous quote. But no matter where you fall on the spectrum of beer lovers, you’ll enjoy hearing the story of how this place came to be and what keeps it on the map in Decatur, Georgia.

Love at the pub is a must-read for anyone who has ever dreamed of opening a pub. Part 1 takes you through glassware, servers, and how the law literally changed because of the influence of this place. If you’ve ever heard the phrase `a perfect pour,’ then don’t miss the story of how three bartenders practiced pouring Guinness all day long until one of them got it perfect. From stories of kids turning 21 and sharing their first beer with mom and dad to how the owners literally built the place out with their bare hands, you’ll be able to call the staff by name when you make a pilgrimage to visit this bar after reading this book. At least one woman scheduled a 10-hour layover in Atlanta to visit the Pub again. Not bad for a place with “no neons, no TV’s and no domestics.”

Mary Jane Mahan writes from the perspective of a former employee and devoted beer fan. She has crafted a book that is as much about a pub as it is about an entire community of people who responded to the survey that shaped this book. Her devotion to this work is a testament to the people who asked her to retell their stories. A true artist, keep your eyes on future projects by this powerhouse of talent.


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